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TDBE-U200 relay - Delay-on & delay-off, 2 pole


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Plug-in electronic railway timer relay with delay-on and delay-off function and two change-over contacts. The delay times are independently adjustable with two lockable knobs. The relay can also be supplied with one or two fixed delay times (one knob or none). The relay needs an auxiliary supply and can be activated with an external N/O contact or with a DC voltage. The relay is equipped with two LEDs which indicate the presence of power supply and the energizing of the coil.
The construction of the relay and choice of materials makes the TDBE-U200 relay suitable to withstand low and high temperatures, shock & vibrating and dry to humid environments.
No external retaining clip needed as integrated ‘snap-lock’ will hold relay into socket under all circumstances and mounting directions.
Compact design, choice of many options and a wide range of sockets makes the TDBE-U200 relay an easy and flexible solution to use.


These relay series are designed for demanding rolling stock applications. The TDBE-U200 is used in applications where a delay on pull-in and on drop-out is necessary.


  • Time delay relay with auxiliary supply
  • Delay-on pull-in and on drop-out
  • 2 C/O contacts
  • Both delay times independently adjustable with 2 lockable knobs
  • Also available with 1 or 2 fixed time delays (1 knob or none)
  • Total time delay range: 0.1 s...60 min
  • Weld-no-transfer contacts
  • Two LEDs for status indication
  • Flat, square and silver plated relay pins for excellent socket connection
  • Integrated snap lock
  • Optional positive mechanical keying relay to socket


  • Proven reliable
  • Long term availability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low life cycle cost
  • No maintenance

Railway compliancy

  • EN 50155 Electronic equipment used on rolling stock for railway applications
  • IEC 60571 Electronic equipment used on railway vehicles
  • IEC 60077 Electrical equipment for rolling stock in railway applications
  • IEC 60947 Low voltage switch gear and control gear
  • IEC 61373 Rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration test
  • IEC 60947-5-4 Electromechanical components for control applications. This standard examines both coil and contact specifications in depth
  • EN 50121 Electromagnetic compatibility for railway applications
  • NF F 16-101/102, TS 45545-2 Fire behaviour - Railway rolling stock
  • NF F 62-002 On-off contact relays and fixed connections

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