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Drawings - KDN-U200N


KDN-U200N relay - Latching, 8 pole



Plug-in bistable railway relay with eight change-over
contacts, for reliable switching of very low currents (1 mA
@5 VDC) up to currents of 10A @ 110VDC. The contacts
remain in the last powered position, the position is clearly
shown via a position indicator.
Bistable by means of two coils and a mechanical rocker
mechanism. The two separate coils are galvanically

The built-in magnetic arc blow-out ensures adequate DC
breaking capacity resulting in long contact life. The integrated contact separation prevents cross pollution of
contacts. On the relay cover the serial number and data
matrix code are shown for ease of traceability.

The construction of the relay and choice of materials make
the KDN-U200N relay suitable to withstand corrosive
atmospheres, low and high temperatures, shock & vibrating
and dry to humid environments.
No external retaining clip needed as integrated ‘snap-lock’
will hold relay into socket under all circumstances and
mounting orientations.

Compact design, choice of many options and a wide range
of sockets makes the KDN-U200N relay an easy and fl exible
solution to use


The KDN-U200N can be used in demanding rolling stock
applications where eight contacts are used in one relay and
the contacts are set and reset with permanent power or


• Latching (bistable) relay
• Compact plug-in design
• 8 C/O contacts
• 2 galvanic isolated coils
• Clear position indicator
• Magnetic arc blow-out ensuring long contact life
• Minimum switching current 1 mA
• Maximum continuous current 10 A
• Wide temperature range -40 ⁰C...+70 ⁰C
• Mechanical life > 2 million operations
• Electrical life e.g. > 10 million operations at 0.5 A, 24 VDC
• Data matrix with serial number for traceability
• Integrated snap-lock, no external retaining clip needed
• Transparent cover for visual inspection
• Many options and sockets available

Railway compliancy

EN 50155: 2017 IEC 61373: 2010
IEC 60571: 2012 EN 50121-3-2: 2016
IEC 60077-1: 2017 NF F16-101/102
IEC 60947-5-1: 2016 EN 45545-2: 2020
IEC 60947-5-4: 2002



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