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CMVD4-U200 - voltage monitoring railway relay with 4 C/O contacts



Plug-in electronic customizable voltage monitoring relay with optional delay-on and delay-off timer function and four change-over contacts. Fully customizable according customer’s requirements concerning voltage monitoring type and timing diagram. 

CMVD4 can provide multiple voltage thresholds (adjustable) for both pull-in and drop-out voltages with different timing delays. The relay can also be supplied with a fixed pull-in and drop-out voltage. 

The delay times are also adjustable (either delay-on or delay-off, the other delay is fixed). The relay can also be supplied with symmetrical or asymmetrical flashing, 1-shot, 2-shot, 3-shot etc or with fixed time delays. A maximum of 3 parameters can be adjusted by means of 2 screws and 1 knob. 

Suitable for monitoring DC voltages. 

The CMVD4-U200 offers a very small hysteresis (difference between pull-in and drop-out voltage). The relay is equipped with one LED which indicates activation of the time delay (blinking light) and the status of the relay contacts (continuously ON or OFF). Delay-off function for voltage drop down to 50 % of minimum pull-in voltage, no auxiliary supply necessary.

Standard equipped with magnetic arc blow-out for high breaking capacity and long contact life.

The construction of the relay and choice of materials makes the CMVD4-U200 relay suitable to withstand low and high temperatures, shock & vibrating and dry to humid environments. No external retaining clip needed as integrated ‘snap-lock’ will hold relay into socket under all circumstances and mounting directions.


These relays are designed for demanding rolling stock applications. The CMVD4-U relay can be used in all railway applications where non-standard voltage monitoring and timer functions are necessary.


  • Customizable DC voltage monitoring relay with timer function
  • Compact plug-in design
  • 4 C/O contacts
  • Multiple voltage thresholds for both pull-in and drop-out voltages, adjustable
  • Also available with fixed voltages
  • Very small hysteresis possible
  • Time delay on any voltage thresholds
  • Different customizable timing possible
  • No auxiliary power supply necessary
  • Also available with fixed time delays
  • Time/pulse delay range: 0...60 s
  • 1 LED for status indication
  • Flat, square and silver plated relay pins for excellent socket connection
  • Integrated snap lock
  • Optional positive mechanical keying relay to socket

Railway compliancy

  • EN 50155
  • IEC 60947
  • EN 45545-2
  • IEC 60571
  • IEC 61373
  • NF F16-101/102
  • IEC 60077
  • EN 50121
  • NF F 62.002



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