AC / DC sensors for high voltage measurements

AC / DC sensors for high voltage measurements

The Mors Smitt CatEnergy sensor range provide a proven, reliable, accurate and cost-effective solution for rolling stock. Based on its capacity of multi-voltage and current measurements, alone Mors Smitt sensor products could be used as single solution for all function requiring high voltage measurement on existing and new build train.

The high level of accuracy during lifetime proposed by the Mors Smitt sensors is a key element to implement efficient function on train. Mors Smitt sensor range comply with EN50463, GM/RT2132, IEC62888 and TSI

CatEnergy sensor range an incomparable level of insulation for a safe integration on rolling stock. Qualifying largely above the most stringent standard and with important installed base, the CatEnergy sensors demonstrate ultra-high level of performance.

Design was also focused for high life-time with low maintenance activity for reduced Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Thanks to CatEnergy AC and CatEnergy DC sensors, which include the whole standardized metrological certified voltage and current measurement and energy calculation functions for ac catenaries (12,5KV, 15KV & 25KV) and dc catenaries (600V, 750V, 1,5KV & 3KV), implementation of the standard Energy Measurement System on rolling stock is simplified.

The CatEnergy sensors can calculate active and reactive energy, consumed by the train during traction and regenerated by the train during breaking.