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smart Relay Monitoring System


Railcar builders have been using relays to control equipment for years. During train maintenance, relays and devices such as lamps, door push-buttons or else are often exchanged before their end of life or when they are no longer working. Moving from schedule-based to condition-based maintenance saves significant maintenance costs for train operators.

Mors Smitt™ smart Relay Monitoring System is developed to analyze the condition of relays and connected devices in real-time and identify the accurate timing for part replacements. The result: reduced service costs and increased train control availability. 

To enable predictive maintenance system includes:
- Voltage Measurement Module (VMM) to monitor the voltage per relay contact
- Current Measurement Module (CMM) to monitor the current per relay contact
- Data Handling Unit to connect up to 50 relays/devices (daisy chaining possible):

  • Seven days of data storage capacity 
  • Serial bus configuration allows DHU, connected relays and modules to communicate with each other
  • Data output are easily exportable to the train control management system or other computer devices in a variety of formats (.CSV, .SQL). 

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