Multi-interface electronic control unit

CatEnergy Traction control unit


The Mors Smitt CatEnergy Traction control unit provide all essential function for traction unit. The development focused on high reliability allows to provide car builders with high quality solution. The extreme level of functional integration and modularity is an asset for modern rolling stock optimized design.

The Mors Smitt CatEnergy Traction control unit could also include all Energy function with energy calculation and Data Handling System to create the most compact and integrated system of the market.


  • Modular and Scalable interface configuration
  • Analog Signal for traction inverter synchronization
  • Catenary detection and codification
  • Overcurrent & short circuit detection
  • Overvoltage detection
  • Harmonic detection
  • Data Handling System (DHS) AC and/or DC according to EN 50463
  • AC Energy Calculation Function (ECF~)  according to EN 50463
  • Modular and Scalable data communication to train network and ground server
  • Data communication compliant with most of existing Data collecting server in Europe
  • Diagnostic data communication

Analog outputs

  • Voltage +/- 100Vac for signal reference for traction inverter
  • Current loop output up to +/-50mA for voltage and/or current signal reference for traction inverter

Digital output

  • 2 Ethernet ports M12 D coding; 10/100Mb; Full duplex compliant for train network or sensor connection
  • RS485 ports

Logic outputs

  • Dry contact NO+NC, Inverter
  • SMS18 connectors

Option Energy Calculation Function & Data Handling System

  • Refer to CatEnergy Energy Control Unit

Operating Temperature

  •  -25°C to +65°C, class T3 according to EN 50155

Power supply

  • Full range from 24 to 110Vdc


  • Category OV1 according to EN50124-2

IP rate

  • IP20 according to EN 60529

Total weight

  • 3kg


  • 260 * 135 * 152 (length * height * width)


  • Inside train mounting (cabinet, on frame, etc.)

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