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M Series Modular Rack Mount Protection Relay Cases



  • Suitable for 19 inch, 4U high rack mounting
  • Suitable for flush panel mounting
  • M4 screw terminations
  • Stud termination possible
  • Range of ring lugs available
  • Simple screw (M4) mounting from front of panel (Supplied)
  • Semi-projection mounting kits available
  • 4U, 6U, 8U high 19” rack mounting frames available
  • 4U, 6U, 8U high 19” flush mounting frames available
  • Size 2 with 28 terminals
  • Size 4 with 28 or 56 terminals
  • Size 2, 4 & 8 blanking plates
  • CT shorting switches available
  • Sealable front cover
  • IP5X category 2 dust protected and IP4X for solid ingress to IEC60529.
  • Rugged metal construction with black powder coat matt finish


The M Series has been specifically designed to meet the demanding & varied requirements for protection relay applications in power utility sub-station environments. The standard 4U high 19- inch rack mounting modular configuration simplifies panel design & installation.

Mounting points & overall panel dimensions meet international standards such that the cases may be interchanged with other similar types available on the market.

Optional CT shorting switches, blanking plates & 19” rack mount frames are also available. Blanking plates may be specially fabricated with cut outs & labeling to suit control switches, fuses, pilot lamps etc.

The M Series case range supercedes the previous D & E Series models.

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