Protection Relays

ABM Status Input Active Burden Module



  • Improve security of sensitive, high speed digital status inputs
  • Provides capacitor discharge protection for solid state status inputs to ENA TS 48-4
  • Transient noise withstand to IEC60255 standards
  • Compact and easy to fit and retrofit
  • Instantaneous burden turn-on with ~50ms fixed dwell time
  • Wide voltage operating range
  • Thermal cut out protection
  • Operation check LED
  • Status input pick-up LED
  • M4 screw terminals or optional flying leads
  • ABMZ version with minimum voltage pick-up threshold and optional time delay


The ABM Active Burden Module is designed for application with solid state status inputs wherever high security signaling is required.

The ABM is intended to be used with digital relays and related products such as RTU’s as an aid to improve electrical transient and noise immunity. In particular, for added immunity against infrequent and irregular transients such as represented by the capacitor discharge test as defined in standard ENA TS 48-4.

In normal operation, the ABM imposes a short term increased burden to the operate signal which is then removed after ~50 ms.

It is essential that devices that the ABM module is intended to be used with are specifically designed and purpose built for power industry and substation applications and already incorporate industry standard filtering, input loading and threshold setting capabilities.

The ABMZ version is a special version that provides a minimum voltage pick-up threshold. An optional time delay is available for application with fast acting inputs such as reed repeat relay circuits.

‘Screw terminals’ and ‘Flying lead’ type versions are available.

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