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Battery protection and control module for railway applications


Mors Smitt developed a multifunctional battery protection and control module for reliable operation of your backup power circuits.

System failures are instantly reported to the Train Control & Management System. It is immediately known whether the vehicle can be used for service or maintenance is necessary. In this way battery problems during service are avoided which results is maximum reliability and zero downtime.

The module will report the occurrence and location of the battery system failure. Even defective fuses of the battery are detected and reported.

Module functionalities:

  • Power supply circuit supervision
  • Charging control battery backup circuit
  • Charge-fault detection
  • Voltage level monitoring and protection

All with or without time delay.

Provided outputs:

  • Battery status
  • Voltage protection (under/over/nominal voltage)
  • Charging detection

The module can also be equipped with current measurement to enable battery charging monitoring.

Time delays can be adjusted on-site. If required all time delay settings can also be set in the factory, non-adjustable by users. The module has potential free contacts which can be used for example to activate an alarm or warning system.

The module is constructed in a modular way to be adapted per train if required. Adaptation can easily be done on-site based on the actual train situation.

Dimensions and functionalities customizable upon request.

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